Scattered Jewels of Southsea

The Mists of Tierm: Part IV

Bluebooks: As Jil | As Finneus

With Viola there we took a dare
And went to the old tomb
And there we found under the ground
Some people plotting doom

They tried to keep us from the deep
With fear and trickery
But we knew well the Shadowfell
We fought and did not flee

Into the gloom of that old tomb
We ventured forth with pride
And six doors there guarded the lair
’twas all that was inside

Through the first door we did explore
And round again we came
To doors of six through arcane tricks
Twas all again the same

Through once, through twice and then through thrice
And then through once again
Then Withervine (his time to shine)
Drew up a clever plan

Through door the first Finneus burst
And Withervine through six
It was the key and soon were we
In chasm dark as Styx.

But in recess of dark abcess
We heard two voices fight
One wished to run; they other one
Scoffed at the thought of flight.

Out of the black we did attack
We split their force in twain
They split and fell in that cold hell
As we hit ’gain and ’gain.

Amidst the fight in dark of night
Old Yoren stands, afeared.
He calls upon powers from yon
But his form through they teared.

He staggers back into the black,
We trip him back in view
He tears through space to ’nother place
And stumbles, damaged, through.

He leaves behind him quite a find
A jewel of awesome might.
Was this the gem Sunder sent them
To find the other night?

In any case they must give chase
To Yoren and his men.
Where did he go? What does he know?
For answers we do yen!



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