Scattered Jewels of Southsea

The Mists of Tierm: Part V

Fairly certain I didn’t even sing this one

Out of the tomb; out of the gloom
We crawled and shambled forth
Who met us there? Of corse twas fair
Mateus from the north.

He did explain how once again
Anton was in peril
To save the town we headed down
To bend an exarch’s will

He asked if he our souls could see
He wanted us to prove
That we bar none could get this done
His doubts we did remove

So through a crack in the world back
To Anton did we dwell
And in the square who met us there
But Bluce from Shadowfell

An assault dark followed their mark
But Bluce held his prize tight
The Shader-Kai gave it a try
But we did win the fight

In Bluce’s grip spoils of his trip
Four staves to save the day
Into the ground we sank them down
To keep Shadows at bay

But ‘fore we’d done toward us did run
A flank of Warforged men
Round rods we stood against the brood
As they charged ’gain and ’gain

Amidst the fray you’d hear me say
A tale t’ glowing jewel
And at the end the light did bend
And fill the crystal tool

The world rent the rods all bent
The power coursed around
A spirit rose, a hail of blows
Drove Warforged to the ground

Across Anton the army’d gone
A rush of light felled them
Invasion lost at quite a cost
Thanks to the little gem

Derick’s ship in sky did flip
Its tail and run away
A night of rest we’ve earned, at best;
Again we’ve saved the day.



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