Anton is a city nestled between forest, mountain and plain. Far to the north of the Zepan Kingdoms, it has long maintained an independence from their long war with the Rooks.


Anton is nestled against a steep mountain range to the north-east, an ancient forest to the west, and rolling plans to the south. The surrounding area offers access to iron and silver mines in the north west as well as limited crop yield in the highlands to the southwest.

Anton itself is surrounded by high walls and two defensive towers, with a single gate on its south wall. It is the only military power this far east on the continent.

Its two main trading partners exist to the south: Tierm, a maritime trading port, and Ceris, the breadbowl for the region.


The Grey Wolves mercenary company makes their home in the town, and has long since drawn from the town’s aristocracy for its leadership.

The Lightbearers are a major force in town politics.

The Cheapside Canaries are one of the town’s Bloodball teams.


Anton is a free city, too far removed from the Zepan Kingdoms to be a part of that alliance.

Instead, Anton is ruled by an oligarchy of Eleven Elders chosen by popular vote every year at harvest. Two elders– Eckart Sexton and Claire Atton– were killed when the former was discovered to the The Defiler.

The elders include:

  • Tara, an elf whose fiancée died in the Upheaval
  • Geela, whose owns a Forge with her husband Tennon.


The Caravan Guards and the Lightbearers led a siege against the town when The Defiler took over and let the demonic hordes invade; both he and Fenrial were killed in the Town Square moments before the Upheaval.

Key Locations

Town Square

In the center of town is a large green centered on a monument to some long-forgotten battle. It is here that the Caravan Guards fought and killed The Defiler and witnessed the Upheaval. To the north of the square is the Town Hall, whose dome has collapsed. To the east is a large iron tower of mysterious origins (pictured at right), which seems to have been in the Elemental Chaos until recently and contained two long-dead human bodies and a copious amount of pure water. To the south is a Feywild forest and Via leading out of town.

Inside the Town Hall is a Town Archive, where records of the surrounding countryside have been amassed for a very long time. The book Anton, a History was taken from here by The Defiler and found in his house by Relic.

Bell Tower

Anton’s famous Bell Tower stands two blocks north of the Town Square. It chimes every hour on the hour. The Bell Tower is the oldest building in Anton. The Bell Tower presided over the region, chiming hourly during the beginning years of Anton’s existence as a small mining camp. It is unclear if the camp built the tower, or if the tower preceded the camp. As the mining camp grew into a village, then a town, then a city, the Bell Tower continued to stand sentinel over the older parts of the town. It is a key feature of Anton, a History

The tower was recently visited by the PC’s where they found the ghost of its previous keeper, Ferrin. The tower was invaded by wraiths and darkness itself, which immediately attacked the PC’s.

Elf Quarter

The high-class area of town in the northwest is known as the Elf Quarter, and is home to the nicest houses in town. The PC’s visited this area in adventure 1 where they prevented a brawl from breaking out shortly after the upheaval. The Elf Quarter is also home to the estate of Elder Sexton.

  • Elder Tara lives here.
  • Kelund and the Lightbearers are based in a manor here.


The cheapest part of town and home to most of Anton’s lower class. Key features include the Penny Ante, a favorite haunt of the Cheapside Canaries. The PCs visited this area in the aftermath of the Upheaval. They were successful in preventing rampaging fire elementals from destroying more of Cheapside.


There is a large tented market in the southwest corner of town.


The east wall of the city has been destroyed by what at first seemed to be a landslide, but was actually the mountain on that side of the city growing suddenly during the Upheaval. Near the wall lay Tennon’s Forge, one of the many forges in town and the one that was in charge of the gate

Major shopkeepers in this part of town:

  • owns a Forge with his wife Geela, and is in hargr of maintaining the city gate

Temple District

The northeast part of the city has been invaded by the Northern Forest. The buildings in this part of town are basically gone, with a few stray ruins amidst the trees. The major exception is the Temple of Melora, which had some minor damage to the outer complex wall but was otherwise unharmed. The PCs fought off a Spring Nymph and her sasquatch helpers who were offended by the building.

People in this area:

  • Brother Aarin is in charge of the Temple of Melora.
  • Brother Verdant is a low-level monk from the Temple of Melora; he makes runs to the market to get supplies.


The road leading from the gate to the town square is called Via, and it has the nicest stores in town. It was ravaged by the Upheaval and is now split into a northern and southern half by a sweetwater spring half way up the road.

Major shopkeepers in this area:

  • Frugg used to be court jeweler for the Prince of Frost, but now plies his trade on Via.
  • Turley operates the Lusty Lion near the gate

The Observatory

Resident of several scholars, the Observatory now stands on a rise on collapsed west side of Anton. It is the farthest building west to not be submerged in water. The heroes of the party traveled here and fought several constructs before consulting the scholars within.

The scholars are:

  • Lars, the Chief Astronomer
  • Ariel, the Calculator and Starfinder
  • Linus, the Financier
  • Clank, the Engineer


The city has but one gate, which has stood in the same spot since before the first miners founded the city. It used to possess an Eye, but it was plucked out many years ago after it began killing people.

  • Rinkle is the gatekeeper, and knows much of the comings and goings in town.


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