Bloodball is an incredibly popular game played throughout the world.


Two teams of six players vie for control of one magic ball, containing three vials of different magical creatures’ blood. Each creature gives the ball different properties: a ball with dragon blood might burn anyone who holds it; a ball with zombie blood might cover the bearer in darkness. Neither team knows what creatures gave their blood to the ball before the game starts; determining why the ball behaves as it does is one of the interesting parts of the game.

Adding to the chaos, the court of each game is different every match. Open plains, rocky outcroppings, forests, rivers of lava, and floating stone platforms are just a few options. Goals will be placed in different parts of the field and will have to be scored in an ever changing order.


The two Blitzers are in charge of getting the ball back from whoever has it.

The two Retainers, usually tasked with either guarding and supporting carriers or preventing opponents from scoring at goals.


Most cities field a team and some field two.


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