Bluebooks: As Jil | As Finneus

A female changeling who often poses as Finneus to avoid the more uncomfortable questions that people ask or assume about her race. She is incredibly comfortable being in other people’s skin, and often finds it easier to live life in that way, but desperately longs to be allowed to be herself.

Recent History

Jil has been posing as Finneus for some time, now. After he signed on with the caravan, he attempted to keep the group from killing each other, and nearly succeeded. He was a quick believer in the Lightbearers tale of the orb, and connected the party to Jil’s old friend Gwen once they were inside Anton. After dealing the final blow to The Defiler, he grabbed the orb and disappeared.

Jil then attempted to discover the true nature of the orb, and when she identified it as the Black Eye of Anton decided that she needed to destroy it. Unable to do so, she enlisted the help of her old friend Gwen, her fellow Caravan Guards Withervine and Bluce, and their new allies Amatharn and Relic. She did not trust them enough to tell them what he had done with the Eye in the meantime– or even her real identity– but was eager to have help discovering a solution to his problem.

She then traveled with that group down to Tierm, a city that she had spent considerable time in before assuming the Finneus identity. There they fought Surina, but were trapped in her tower when Derick arrived. Jil assumed Surina’s identity and body and attempted to convince Derick that his warforged army was dangerous to him, but was unable to complete the plan due to a lack of understanding about how his organization worked. Instead the group used a sky skiff to escape, but not before Sunder told them to find “the jewel” in Ceris.


Jil has a stable of guises she uses when needed. Here are a few.

  • Finneus portrait Finneus is Jil’s default guise; he’s a jovial sort who brings attention to himself in exactly the way someone on the run wouldn’t, which makes him the perfect disguise for someone who actually is.
  • Ysra is good for two occasions: as a crone, she is beneath notice, and can therefore be invisible in crowds. When she is noticed, she makes a perfect seer, mystic, witch, etc.
  • Kait is good for getting into places one shouldn’t get to. She’s always got a sob story to convince the guard that the little girl just needs to get back to her parents/dog/ball/etc.

More Pictures

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