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Gates of Anton (s1-s5)

After the Upheaval. Anton’s gate was broken. The party fixed it.

The Mist (s6-**s10)

A Mist had surrounded Anton and the surrounding country, killing crops and making everyone weak. The party went to Tierm to see if the cause was there, and found Surina‘s tower and her mist-creating experiment within. She was trying to impress the Remnant and gain admittance to their club by preparing the county for Derick’s invasion force. The party destroyed her equipment and killed her, then narrowly escaped Derick himself.

The Jewel and the Invasion (s11-13)

Anton wanted to know if Ceris could ship any food their way. The Lightbearers were dispatched to find out. They had a second reason to go: Sunder had indicated that one of “The Jewels” was there. They found a tomb where Vecna cultists were supposed to be, and where Yoren was trying to get the jewel from its housing. Instead, the Lightbearers took it (and Yoren’s arm), and hitched a ride with the Exarch of Pelor back to Anton to thwart an attack from Derick’s warforged army.

Batsereg (s14-17)

Anton was attacked by pirates, who abducted some citizens but left a boat. The Lightbearers followed the fleet to Batsereg, a huge militaristic power across the sea, once capital of a great empire, but now, post-Upheaval, all alone in the world. The abductees had been put to work in the city’s mines, and once rescued, had to be smuggled out of the city and past its Kraken defender.


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