You hear a distant rumbling, which a second later is a not-so-distant rumbling, and then a second more is the loudest sound you have ever heard. And then the ground shudders and you are in the air, falling a dozen feet down to where you were a second ago. Buildings all around you are crumbling, and the roar of destruction is the only thing keeping you from hearing the cries of terror all around. A flash of light in the sky draws your eyes and you see the stars sliding past each other, whole constellations collapsing into each other and new ones growing between them. A pinprick of light appears and grows, grows, and suddenly stops, and you realize that you’ve just seen a second moon spring into existence above your head. A cloud of purplish blue rolls in and you can see that its not in the sky but far beyond, covering a third of the stars in beautiful whorls of light. You look around you and you see people sprawled everywhere and realize that the sky is not the only thing changing; the ground is writhing like boiling water, stretching and shrinking. The person who a second ago was next to you is now a dozen feet away, and in between you a patch of grass is sprouting. A tree springs out of it and grows before your eyes, towering above you in a moment. Across the street you see two buildings spread apart as a new iron tower rises from the ground, followed by a squat iron building with no discernible doors. Beyond that you see the buildings to the east lifting up as the ground beneath them becomes a hillside.

And then the shuddering stops, and the noise ceases, and you feel in your bones that the world has been forever changed by what the world will, in the next few days, term the Upheaval. You look around and you can barely recognize the town square you were in not a minute ago; how must the rest of the world look now?

The Upheaval, as experienced from the Town Square in Anton

The Upheaval is the name of an event that changed the world. The precise nature of the event– who or what caused it and why it happened– is murky. But it certainly changed everything.


The Remnant had something to do with it, as Derick claimed responsibility for it. He may have been lying or mistaken, but he seemed to know something.


It definitely seems to have something to do with the planes; people from other planes found themselves suddenly in Anton: an Iron Tower appeared in the Town Square, a demon appeared in the Observatory, a Feywild forest of hidden trees appeared in the Town Square, Fire elementals appeared in Cheapside, Imps appeared at Sexton Manor, Frugg and other Feywild residents appeared in Via, and ghosts and wraiths appeared in the Belltower.

But there is more to it. The stars changed; most of the world seemed to grow; new things appeared all over. There has been no evidence yet of things disappearing, though: only new things added, or old things destroyed by the sudden movement and change.


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