Welcome to SJS

The Night of the Defiler is over, and a new day dawns in Southsea.

We are trying a few things different in this new campaign: besides being a rotating-GM campaign, we are changing the rule system to better emphasize the non-combat abilities of characters and make for a lot more and deeper role playing. There will still be fights and lots of them, but they will be balanced with a lot more between scenes where we see the characters, the world, and the interactions between. We’re also instituting a Hero appoint system to make everything move faster by giving the characters a little extra oomph when you the player think its needed.

As such, you have a few options. You can keep your existing character from Night of the Defiler, with minor changes to reflect the house rules we’re implementing. Or you can decide that your old character’s story is done, and create a new character specifically for the new campaign. The choice is yours, and Seth’s stint as DM in adventure one is built to accommodate either play style.

The first thing you should do is go and read over the Houserules Please please please ask questions if you have any.

Starting characters in this campaign are fourth level, have one 2nd level item and one 4th level item, get three Hero Point feats (they can buy more using their normal feat slots), and use the new skill picker instead of the default one.

If you want to keep your existing character, you can simply level up to 4, but then ignore the skills the character builder gives you and use the picker instead; print out the result and use it as part of your sheet. Then make note of your extra Hero Point feat. Ta-da: conversion complete.

If you want to keep your existing character but want to change more to take better advantage of the new house rules, just go ahead and make a new character and we’ll all go along with the schtick that they’re the same dude; a lot of crazy goes on in the beginning of this campaign, and no one notices little old you getting totally different stats.

If you really want a new character, just make one with the above parameters: fourth level, items, new skills, hero point feats.

Due to the rotating-DM, the party balance will be ever-shifting as certain PCs jump in and out of the group. We’ve got some interesting ideas of how to balance that out in game, so don’t worry if we end up with an extra leader or whatever; we’ll make it work. We are also open to non-DM PCs jumping in and out of the group as time goes on, but we’ll need to work that out as we go to make sure the DM knows what party to expect.

In any case, know that the world is Eberron-esque with manapunk elements and magitech neatness, but uses the core books’ pantheon (Bahamut, Tiamat, Bane, et al). This world will resemble a lot of the core books but will be a new creation we make as a group. As such we’ll be making more use of Obsidian Portal to track things, and we will be giving out in-game benefits for positive contributions to the site in the form of Hero Points. Bluebooks, summaries, short fiction, maps, drawings, whatever: you’ll get hero points if you toss neat things onto the site.

We’re looking forward to this experiment, and we hope to make it fun for all of you!

Welcome to SJS

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