Scattered Jewels of Southsea


Jil ponders the nature of her revelation

Bluebooks: As Jil | As Finneus

It had to come out sooner or later, and I’m glad that it came out when the necessities of the situation limited the number of questions. That the situation was so dire also made it a hard role to play, not having any prior contact with Surina beyond her protestations at our intrusion. But Dragonborn– especially the accomplished ones– are usually brusque and superior, so guessing that she fit that mold was a safe bet, and crafting the lie to enhance that mood and tone made it believable even if it was a step out of her normal persona.

And I must say it was one of my better lies. If it had lasted just a little longer I do think I could have convinced Derick that he should begin to fear the mechanical army he’s assembled. But it was not to be; he was smart enough to ask for specifics and we were hurried enough that I had none to offer. And so we resorted to the violence that caged animals are wont to resort to, and we made a mad dash off of the first functioning airship I’ve been on since the incident at the Grand Ball at Turinae. It was no mean feat to commandeer a skiff and land it amidst heavy fire, but my comrades and I have skills aplenty and are getting quite good at managing these kind of difficult situations.

But now we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, with a nominal quest from Sunder to find a “jewel” in Ceris, and we’re just about to begin the sitting-around-a-campfire thing that accompanies such a night. How many questions will Withervine and Amatharn ask? How many more does Gwen still have, even after knowing me all this time? It will be an interesting night. But my comrades and I are getting quite good at managing these kind of difficult situations.



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