Scattered Jewels of Southsea

The Pirates of Batsereg: Part I

A foggy morn silence was torn
By an explosion nigh
We each went straight to investigate
And found who had dropped by

In foggy air we met them there
Rouges of the nautical sort
Had come ashore to declare war
On Anton’s new-made port

We crept in close and gave a dose
Of justice to the men
We drove them out and left no doubt
They should not come again

We took their ship upon a trip
To their last port of call
Old Batsereg was the last leg
Of empire, ruined all

Searched up and down in that huge town
For slaves they’d grabbed anon
But in that place we found no trace
Into the air they’d gone

We struck a blow to their war flow
We cut their supply chain
And scouted out their slaves redoubt
To find a lead again

In mines we heard the Anton word
Was spoken as a shield
So to rescue we did adieu
A crop of freedom to yield



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