A vampire exiled from her Vryloka family looking to keep herself alive and entertained.


Amatharn Solut is a Vryloka born to Barakus Solut and Tamara Beringa. Barakus was a minor noble who was filled with pride and hope that his daughter would follow in his footsteps.

He was sadly disappointed. Amatharn had no interest in being the next head of house. There was just too much in life to enjoy to be locked up every day running the estate and dealing with what she saw as unimportant things.

When her parents had another child Amatharn practically rejoiced as her father turned his attentions to the son rather than hounding her more. Her father found a way to put her to productive use by using her as a representative towards the various nobles and towns in the area. This played to her natural charm and grace and also appealed to her enjoyment of travel.

On her 29th birthday, while touring some of the towns on the edge of her father’s territories Amatharn was attacked. Her attacker easily overpowered her and she soon lost consciousness. When she awoke she was in an old ruin and no one to be seen. As she tried to walk out sun caressed her skin and she stared in horror as it burned. She had become one of the living dead. A vampire. No vyrloka would ever accept her as she as an abomination against their beliefs.

But not even this was enough to keep her spirits down. With a few false starts she learned that she didn’t have to kill things to drink their blood and pretty much any blood would do, human or animal. It was inconvenient having to hide her rather discerning tastes from others but all in all she found that having superior senses, an enhanced physique, and the ability to transform into a bat all quite enjoyable really. Plus there was that whole live forever thing included in the package too. What more could someone ask for?

She continued enjoying this life for decades until an incident in a small town called Anton. While visiting there a conflict happened. A small one really compared to all the things she’d seen over the years but interesting. She watched as a group of heroes defeated something evil. When the battle ended the world seemed to shake and warp and everything changed….perhaps forever. But it promised to be interesting.


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