Black Eye of Anton

The Black Eye of Anton (also known as the Orb or the Eye) is a magical artifact whose origin and current whereabouts are unknown.


The Eye was a part of the gate of Anton, the origin of which is lost to history. The city was built around the gate, and it served its city well, with the Eye leveling armies that marched against Anton. Eventually the armies stopped coming.

At some point more than a hundred years ago, the Eye began instead to fry random travelers visiting Anton. The mayor at the time managed to pluck the Eye from its socket above the gate and hide it, telling no one where it was. He vanished mysteriously a month later.

Recent History

The Defiler located the Eye somehow and had it shipped to him. He used it to summon a great number of demons into the town and was performing some large ritual when the Caravan Guards interrupted him and killed him. Finneus took the Eye and disappeared; what he did with the Eye is not yet apparent.

Black Eye of Anton

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