Relic was the last creation of the Forge found by a Zepan patrol. Gwen was witness to his creation and guided his pieces into place before coming under attack by a raiding party of the Rooks. Relic was lost with the facility as it crashed deep in a chasm before his memory and knowledge could be completely installed.

He survived. He found his way to the monastery of the Centered Breath. There, under the watchful eyes of Master Shihan, he befriended and trained alongside Bluce. Slowly he came to terms with his role as a creature of violence. He resolved that he would fight to protect others, not to spread pain and destruction. Once his sense of purpose was well defined, he set out from the monastery shortly before Sunder slaughtered its inhabitants.

Relic would travel throughout the world, helping where he could. One such opportunity brought him to Lamora where he teamed up with Hilda and Withervine to take down Captain Harrin. When they invaded his castle, they were severely outmatched. It was only with Relic’s sacrifice that he pulled Captain Harrin far down into the gaping maw that Harrin had unleashed.

Relic had vanished but mysteriously reappeared in Anton during the Upheaval amid an arcane preservation tomb surrounded by Underdark moss.


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